Private lessons are one of the best ways to learn to dance! You get the teachers full attention for the entire session. You will learn faster and comprehend better in a private class. I will look at your form, technique, and overall posture and fix bad habits related to dance and fitness to better you as an overall dancer.

Corporate & Group Lessons Please Contact me for more information

​​Group lessons are the most economical form of learning how to Dance. I can teach small groups of people no matter what level of experience everybody has. At parties, special events or in a private group setting at your home or my studio. Group lessons can be held almost anywhere.

Corporate Dance Fitness is a great way to start a Dance fitness program for your company. We can set up programs to teach your employees Dance & stretching skills in a group setting that will get them on the right path to a better & healthier lifestyle, helping prevent on the job injuries. In turn, helping your staff be more productive and company being more prosperous. While at the same time, your health insurance rates will improve.

Package #2
$75.00 hr    (6 x) 1on1
$100.00 hr   (6 x) 2on1
2x sessions per week

Package #5 
$60.00 hr  (20 x) 1on1
$85.00 hr  (20 x) 2on1
4x sessions per week

Package #1
$80.00 hr   1on1
$110.00 hr  2on1
1x session per week

Package #4
$65.00 hr  (15 x) 1on1
$90.00 hr  (15 x) 2on1
3x sessions per week

Package #6 
$55.00 hr  (25 x) 1on1
$80.00 hr  (25 x) 2on1
5x sessions per week

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Package #3
$70.00 hr  (10 x) 1on1
$95.00 hr  (10 x) 2on1
2x sessions per week

Dance Lessons